Clear Your Mind

Mon, January 31, 2011

 Clear Your Mind

The great thing about a new year is that it gives you the opportunity and space to decide to paint a different picture for yourself and your life. Everything is slightly slower than normal in January. Even though we're 28 days in already, there's most definitely still time to create your year anew. So, what I'd like you to do is find a clean clear and comfy space, grab a pen and paper and give an uninterrupted and peaceful 30 minutes to yourself. Begin by listing what you know for a fact you definitely want to bring into 2011. This can be your home, your family, your job, your car, an aspect of your personality - anything! Just make sure that each thing fills you with glee or as close to it as you can get! Then, make a list of everything that you DON'T want to bring into 2011, things that you either want to dump, create anew or leave behind. These are things that when you think about them, you just feel your energy go down and your heart growing heavy. Next, split the last section up into the 3 different subsections and start thinking about what you need to do to take care of each of those things. Depending on how long your list is, this may be a quick and easy job, just like pruning some deadwood from your garden, or it may feel like a very big job indeed. If it's the former, lucky you - sounds like you are exactly where you need to be, and life can only get better and better in the next 11 months with so little "stuff" to deal with; if it's the latter then fret not - the good news is that the more "stuff" you clear, the more space you have to welcome in great new things to your life and even the odd miracle! Just set yourself realistic action lists for each of the issues that needs addressing and start taking action - today! 

Posted by Heather on Mon, January 31, 2011 at 02:39 PM

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