Digestion: Physical and Spiritual Influences

Sat, June 23, 2012

Digestion: Physical and Spiritual Influences

Poor digestion is one of the most common problems that I encounter as a holistic practitioner and lately it’s been showing up in my life and practice with even greater frequency. What’s going on?   

Intuitively, I’m drawn to explore both the physical and spiritual causes for the increased incidence of digestive issues.

In these times of great potential, the overall consciousness level of our planet is increasing, which means that our physical and energy bodies (in reality one and the same) are existing within a higher frequency vibration than ever. This is good news for our long term development, but will entail some letting go as we adjust. The stresses that we have been internalizing will be harder and harder to suppress…many of the frozen energy patterns that we have been holding are located in the vicinity of our digestive organs and affect their functioning directly. As our organs open to receive the beautiful new energies that are available to them, many of the old patterns that are no longer serving us will release themselves. At the same time our tolerance for lower vibration foods will decrease. Yes, our digestive organs are actually doing their best to direct us towards food choices that resonate with the new frequencies and assist us to reach our full potential as soulful beings. As always, the body, as the soul’s partner, is communicating its needs through comfort and discomfort and everything in between.

The lower vibration foods that our bodies will have less and less tolerance for are:

  • processed and unnatural foods (including genetically modified foods) - energetically they are dissonant from our highest potential as soulful beings;
  • foods containing chemicals designed to kill life (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chlorine, etc.) – for obvious reasons;
  • foods containing chemicals, or that have undergone processes designed to preserve them beyond their ability to sustain life (preservatives, oil, sugar and grain refining) – life can only come from life;
  • foods created with an element of human, animal or planetary suffering – we absorb these unconscious energies into our beings when we eat these foods and they negatively affect our life force;
  • foods eaten with fear, self-righteousness, or judgment – these all shut down our ability to receive nourishment.

If you are experiencing discomfort in your digestive system here are some practical suggestions:

  • be careful of the quality of food that you are eating, doing your best to avoid those mentioned above;
  • eat with awareness, enjoyment and gusto;
  • give your digestive system a rest by taking in the bulk of your food between noon and 8 pm. Avoid eating 2 to 3 hours prior to bedtime, and eat as lightly in the morning as possible: fruit, smoothies and fresh juices are easy to digest;
  • if your system is irritated, avoid heavy fiber (raw vegetables and many fruit) until it has settled down – blend and juice raw foods, eat soft fruit, steam vegetables, and eat well cooked gluten free grain and legumes;
  • avoid or decrease the hardest to digest foods: processed foods, animal flesh, dairy (unless it’s cultured and you have no obvious sensitivity), wheat and other gluten containing grains (for some people);
  • spend time everyday in stillness to access the place in you that is beyond perceived stress;
  • everyday, include time spent in activities that help you to experience and express emotions: meditation, movement, music, dance, nature, hobbies, artwork, journaling, etc.

Good digestion is as important as good food because our cells can’t use what our body can’t absorb. 

As a final thought, when you are experiencing digestive discomfort, it may be helpful to reflect on what aspects of your life are ‘hard to digest’. What are you exposing yourself to on a regular basis that is not nourishing? What are you not able to absorb and process? Bring awareness to these issues and open yourself to solutions that encourage your highest expression.

Blessings of health and peace,

Posted by Heather on Sat, June 23, 2012 at 10:09 PM

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