February the Month of Self-Love

Sun, February 01, 2015

February the Month of Self-Love

Message from Heather Sparrow, RHN

We tend to think of February as a month dedicated to romance as Valentine’s Day falls right in the middle. Let’s look at the concept of love this month. Let’s turn inward and reflect upon what we can do to fall passionately in love with ourselves.  

When we really do love ourselves, our light shines brighter, we feel better and our lives become more satisfying internally and externally. We attract what we are in the inside. Self-love is a wonderful aphrodisiac to attract more love, joy, abundance and prosperity for your life. It makes us more lovable to other people.

Let’s look at some ways we can practice the art of self-love in our life.

Falling in love with yourself requires a lot of inner work but here are some simple things you can do this month to start the process: 

1.              Loving yourself means accepting yourself as you are right now and loving both your strengths and limitations. It’s okay to be imperfect, in fact, perfectly normal! Make a list about what you really love about yourself. Send love to the parts of you that are imperfect. 

2.              Love yourself like a loving friend or partner loves you. Be kind, gentle and compassionate with yourself. Remember to be patient with yourself when you make mistakes. 

3.              Make sure you check your inner critic that makes negative statements about you. Counter them with positive, loving thoughts. 

4.          Sometimes an incident that we experience may trigger old shaming memories. In that moment, when you feel that shame, send love to your inner child for healing.  

5.         Pat yourself on the back for everything that is wonderful about you. Practice self-praising on a daily basis without becoming egocentric.   

6.              Forgive yourself and others for things that have happened in the past. This is such an act of self-love as you will no longer carry the heavy burden.

7.              Do mirror work with affirmations. When you look in the mirror, don’t go to criticism – oh my God I have to lose weight! Instead, look into your own eyes and love the essence that shines through affirming that God or the Divine is within you. 

8.              Mirror work will also make you aware immediately of any resistance and faulty beliefs that you can turn around and transform.  

9.              Nurture your body with healthy foods. Nurture your spirit with meditation.

10.          Do comforting things and treat your self with a massage or flowers. You deserve pleasure in your life.  

11.          Associate with positive people – you will uplift each other’s spirits.  

12.          Hugs someone, including yourself and pets. When we touch with intimacy we release the ‘feel good’ hormone, oxytocin.

13.          Reach out for support when you need it. It’s just a phone call or a visit away. You don’t have to go it alone.

14.          Choose joy! It is usually the small things in life that bring us joy. Intend to make joy a daily practice.

If you don’t have a partner you don’t need to ignore Valentine’s Day. This could be a day that you go to the Spa or have a dinner party with your favorite group of friends. Each friend could bring a small token of appreciation for each guest and tell them what they like about that person when giving them the small gift. 

When we fall in love with ourselves we truly meet our Beloved who is not someone who exists outside of us but is actually a beautiful archetypal part of ourselves. 

I hope you will join me in my spring courses that will arriving on the www.nutritionaldiva.com site at mid Feb Yes just in time for Valentines Day.

 Gentle Radiance to you all. 


Posted by Heather on Sun, February 01, 2015 at 10:26 PM

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