Healthy Eating Ideas

Thu, April 30, 2015

Healthy Eating Ideas

Eating is one of the most basic human needs. But throughout history, People have worked hard to make this vital action far more enjoyable than say, breathing. While feeding ourselves has become fun, it’s very important to choose your food wisely—because it’s no fun to get sick or eat things that can do long-term damage to your body. Here are some tips to making healthy choices, whether you’re eating in or dining out.
  1. Know the source of your food. Ideally, we would all grow our own food to ensure the cleanest, healthiest diet…but that may not an option for all of us. For those without a green thumb or garden, the next best thing to do is to frequent your local farmer’s market (find one here). Always go for local produce and meat because they are fresher, better for the environment and good for the local economy. When you shop at a local grocer, find out where the products come from and how they were produced. Getting a little information about the source of your food will help you determine its quality.
  2. Buy organic whenever possible. If organic is not an option, there are some veggies and fruit that don’t absorb pesticides as much as others. For example, non-organic onions and pineapple treated are much safer to eat than peaches and strawberries that have been treated with pesticides. 
  3. Fish can be a great addition to your dietbecause it’s low in fat, high in omega-3 and a good source of protein. But it’s very important to choose wisely when it comes to seafood—high mercury levels and overfishing are just some of the problems consumers are facing. The Shedd Aquarium’s Right Bite card is a handy, downloadable resource with all the quick data on which options are the safest and best.
  4. Add healthy bacteria to your stomach to help prevent food contamination in your body.Some micro-organisms, namely probiotics, can strengthen your immune system and help your body fight off harmful bacteria, and they can be found in yogurt and milk products, as well as supplements.
  5. Fill up on foods with antioxidants, which can prevent cell damage and protect your body from free radicals that can cause a wide range of diseases. Adding antioxidants to your diet can help your body get rid of harmful chemicals that come from the environment as well as unhygienic food, and it can enhance the overall health of your body.

Posted by Heather on Thu, April 30, 2015 at 11:45 PM

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