“What if Food Was Calorie Free?”

Thu, July 26, 2012

"What if Food Was Calorie Free?"




Seriously.  I want you to really think about that question.

What if food was calorie-free?  Yup.  What if food had absolutely no calories?  And no fat grams either?

What if you could eat whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, and never gain a pound.

The only caveat is you would still have tofeel the effects of overeating -- like fullness, bloating, and a stomachache from eating too much or too many sweets.   But you will not gain a pound.  Not an ounce.


Think about it.

How often would you eat?  Would you eat all day long?

Only have burgers and fries?  Or maybe only have pizza?

Would you have chocolate cake for breakfast?  And would you eat the whole cake?  Or just a slice?

Would you eat candy?  Or munch on potato chips all day long?

Would you eat way past fullness, and continue to eat even though you know you'd get a stomach ache, or feel that "Thanksgiving full" feeling afterwards?

Or would you get up in the middle of the night to have some of that Ben & Jerry's ice cream?  Sneak into the kitchen hoping no one in the house wakes up and see you?  Would you eat two lunches, or maybe two dinners?  When you go to your favorite restaurant, what would you eat?

I want you to really think about this question.  I mean, really think about it.  And answer the question honestly (because the only person you'd be kidding is yourself).

Remember, you'd still feel the effects of overeating.

So what would you do -- if food had no calories?

Have you answers?  Good.

Now ask yourself.....WHY?

And notice what comes up for you.

Does the thrill of eating a 'forbidden' food suddenly become less exciting?

Does the thought of eating all day long now seem tedious?  Does the temptation to sneak food now feel boring?  Does food lose it's 'power' over you and no longer calls your name?

Would you overeat, then restrict and deprive yourself, then overeat again?

Or would you use food to fuel you, to give you energy?  Would you have dessert once in a while, anticipating with excitement the taste and feel of chocolate melting in your mouth?  Does getting pleasure from food on a consistent basis now seem like a logical choice?

Now you might want to say to me, "But Dinneen, I need to lose weight?  How can I lose weight if food has no calories?"

Okay -- so I want you to image you are thin or at your ideal weight....

Same scenario:  Food has no calories, not fat grams -- but you still feel the effects of overeating.

What would you do?  And why?

Think about it and I'd love to hear YOUR thoughts on my blog by clicking here....




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Posted by Heather on Thu, July 26, 2012 at 01:08 PM

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