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Yogi, Tear Down That House

Sun, October 24, 2010

» Yogi, Tear Down That House

A long time ago in Japan, there was a seeker who went to an enlightened master. The master told him to build a house. He worked really hard on it for a long time and finally it was finished. Then the master told him to tear it down. He was crushed and confused, but he tore it down. Then the master told him to build the house again. He put his whole heart into it and made it much more beautiful than before. The master came to see the house and told him to tear it down again. This went on and on until the 10th house was built. When the master told him to tear it down, he refused and ran away to find a new master.
After some time, the new master found out what had happened and sent him back to his old master. When he met his old master, he begged to know why he had done this to him...asking him to repeatedly build and destroy the houses. What had been the purpose? The master said, "You are the houses. If you would have torn down the 10th house, you would be free."

I can really relate to this story. Over the past 13 years of practicing yoga, I've been able to heal several majorsamskaras, which are those old patterns, tendencies, issues that limit us in life. My yoga practices help me to first become aware of what my tendencies are: such as negative patterns in relationships and old food/body and self-esteem issues. Then I have to start building the house. I have to put forth the self-effort to do my yoga practices. And there are always obstacles, life happens, I dismay at my attachment even though my understanding deepens, and then the practices or the learning arena changes. The house that I had built was gone and I have to start over again and again. Then, finally, one day I realize the problem that had bothered me for years is GONE. Self-effort in yoga attracts the Grace to free us of those old patterns.

The Yogic Diet is all about taking a positive approach to releasing those deeply embedded samskaras. The body, mind, and soul practices of the Yogic Diet increase one's awareness of those old patterns so that latent fear, anger, anxiety, lack of focus, difficult relationships, food/body addictions and ailments, and feelings of separation from Source can be healed. Practice the Yogic Diet to start building the way toward a life of freedom.


 Guacamole Salad


    1 avocado
    1 tomato
    1 or 2 green onions
    Chopped onion, to taste
    1 or 2 cloves of garlic
    Salad greens (romaine, spinach etc.), as desired
    Raw salad dressing of choice (I like Italian)

1) Chop onions, tomato, avocado, and mince garlic. Toss with salad greens and dressing. 

This is a great tasting, filling, and very nutritious salad. It tastes even better when the avocados are really ripe.

It's a great salad if you love guacamole, but eat raw. Enjoy!

Makes: 1 to 2 Servings., Preparation time: 5 minutes.



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