eBooks for Special Times

Heather understand that most of us are coping with specific health issues. In order to support our special needs during these challenging times, she is writing a series of easy-to-follow eBooks filled with guidance and insights.

The first in the collection is now available.

"Return To Wellness"- Living with LGS

Millions of people are affected worldwide. Many aren't even aware that this could be the cause of their nagging symptoms which confuse and confound their physicians. Dr. Andrew Weil claims LGS "is a real condition that affects the lining of the intestines." It can even be diagnosed in children.

In her easy-to-read ebook, "Return To Wellness," Heather shows you ways to control this debilitating condition. It includes a "7 Day Healing Menu", recipes, the proper vitamins and herbal supplements, and a wealth of other information to gently guide you back onto the healing path.
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Click here to view a sample of this unique and inspiring ebook.

Wellness Questionnaire

An easy way to begin working with Heather.

This informative Questionnaire is emailed directly to you from Heather's busy nutritional practice. Fill it out- email it back- and she will personally let you know the two areas where you are the most stressed or hypersensitive, AND make suggestions on ways to change this around to more vibrant health.




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Meet Heather

"I’ve never felt guilty telling Heather what I REALLY eat for dinner! As a result of her nurturing support, I can now see past potatoes, pasta & chocolate"

”Heather has made dramatic changes in people’s lives whether as a professional Nutritional Consultant, or as a personal lifestyle / business coach.”
F. Joan MacDonald
P.G.Hom (UK)

”Heather is a gifted & glowing example of what a total ‘body, mind & spirited person should be! Natural health issues are her life. She creates an empathetic, accepting environment. Heather made me feel like I’m an important human being, worthy of total success in all areas of my life."
Donna Smith

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