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One-On-One Telephone Consultations

There is nothing more comforting than having Heather personally support you on your shift from mediocre to magnificent.

Feeling stuck in a life that isn't working for you?

Heather offers:
A solid health blueprint that will positively impact your body, mind and spirit.
A choice of flexible programs that truly fit your lifestyle


Personal Mentoring

Sessions cover:

  • Meal Planning
  • Strategies for overcoming challenges
  • Vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements
  • How foods impact your health

Includes: 3 personal one hour phone sessions - plus email support

Personal Mentoring

Nutritious Pregnancy

Sessions cover:

  • Pre-pregnancy nutrition
  • Post-pregnancy nutrition while breastfeeding
  • Nutrition plan to overcome fatigue & stay healthy

Includes: 2 personal one hour phone sessions
plus email support


Your Children & Food

Sessions cover:

  • Meal planning
  • Emotions and nutrition
  • Special needs

Includes: 2 personal one hour phone sessions
plus email support

Children and Food

Coping With Stress

Sessions cover:

  • Supporting your body’s needs during stressful times
  • Techniques to combat worry & anxiety
  • Meal planning

Includes: 2 personal one hour phone sessions
plus email support

Coping with Stress

Healthy Aging

Sessions cover:

  • Nutrition and special health challenges
  • Techniques to staying and looking vibrant
  • Simple meal planning

Includes: 2 personal one hour phone sessions plus email support

Healthy Aging
Seniors over 70:

Each Consultation includes a FREE 20 minute initial chat
Simply email to arrange an appointment
And take the "FIRST STEP" towards health


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Meet Heather

“Heather was the first to introduce me to the world of natural health. For that, I will be eternally grateful. She is a wealth of knowledge. I would recommend Heather to anyone wanting to achieve optimal health, naturally. She is an expert in her field, to say the least."
Janice Buckler

”Heather is a gifted & glowing example of what a total ‘body, mind & spirited person should be! Natural health issues are her life. She creates an empathetic, accepting environment. Heather made me feel like I’m an important human being, worthy of total success in all areas of my life."
Donna Smith

”Heather has made dramatic changes in people’s lives whether as a professional Nutritional Consultant, or as a personal lifestyle / business coach.”
F. Joan MacDonald
P.G.Hom (UK)

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