» I Am Willing to Take a Positive Step

Sun, May 01, 2011

» I Am Willing to Take a Positive Step

One theme among my clients right now is discovering their willingness to keep taking a positive step forward to do something to help themselves feel good, contribute something, and curb bad habits. This discussion arose from looking at the three forms of energy: 
Sattvic - pure, calm, peaceful energy, 
Rajasic - excitable, over-stimulated, manic energy, 
Tamasic - heavy, dull, grumpy, and lethargic energy. 

We were delving into how we all keep moving back and forth to these three states. Some of us spend more time in the Tamasic heavy and dull state. In this state, it's hard to pick oneself up off the sofa to do much of anything and especially to eat right, go run around the block, and be cheerful and ready to serve others. Others keep it Rajasic...lots of screen time, sound, caffeine, activities, conversation, overeating, lack of mindful eating, and go, go, go. Of course, spending lots of time in this state sends one directly to the Tamasic state once things quiet down.

We all agreed that the Sattvic state is the most ideal place to spend most of our time. In this state, we take care of ourselves, keep our commitments, know our priorities, happily do spiritual practices and physical exercise, and take care of others with an good attitude. But how do we get there and stay there more of the time?

Sometimes making plans, promises, rules, and commitments can backfire on us. So, a gentle approach can be to adopt the mantra, "I am Willing to Take Positive Step." It is also helpful to make a list of items that could be a positive step for you. Your list may include: exercises you enjoy, reaching a for a piece of fruit and savoring it mindfully as a snack, cleaning out a drawer, writing a thank you note, playing with your kids/pets, and sending your partner a loving text.

One client mentioned that going on a long walk can be a daunting thought, but being willing to walk to the end of the street is more doable. So this aspect of knowing yourself and your areas of resistance is very helpful. 

For the next week, see if you be willing to take a positive step.

Posted by Heather on Sun, May 01, 2011 at 11:25 AM

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